2 juin – Événement conjoint avec MPI Ottawa

*Événement passé

2 juin 2016

Un événement en anglais organisé conjointement avec le Chapitre MPI Ottawa!


Montréal & Québec Chapter long-BW

The Power of a Discussion:
Transforming Events Through Peer-Learning and Technology

Par Christine Renaud, fondatrice de l’entreprise E-180 basée à Montréal. Christine Renaud a été nommé par BizBash en 2015: One of the Most Innovative People in the Event Industry !

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Merci à nos partenaires

Commanditaires 2 juin

Conferences are the perfect places for meetings and networking encounters gathering altogether the world’s best minds. With the recent whirlwind of changes that have been taking education and learning by storm, event planners now face the challenge of enhancing the learning potential of their participants’ experience in a creative way. The question is, how can we rethink the traditional conference model, to ensure it is in sync with This new urge of innovative engagement practices?

In this session, Christine Renaud will explore how collaborative learning can be used as an invaluable asset in leveraging great and unforgettable  participants’ experiences.

Christine Renaud, E-180.com

Christine Renaud

Christine Renaud is a social entrepreneur, CEO of E-180, which creates web and mobile matchmaking tools connecting like-minded people interested in learning from each other, one-on-one, in person. E-180 turns spaces, organizations, events and cities into peer-learning hubs through «Brain Dates». 
Christine is passionate about self-directed and community-based learning. Prior to co-founding E-180, she obtained her M.Ed. as a Frank Knox Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing on informal learning & alternative educational approaches. Christine has worked as a Podcast Producer for Learning Matters in NYC. She has been recognized by Urbania Magazine as one of the 50 personalities whom will create the extraordinary in 2016. In 2015, BizBash recognized her as one of their Most Innovative People in the Event Industry. 
She is an advisor for multiple emerging tech or social enterprises, notably in the context of the Harvard i-Lab, Technovation Challenge for girls and the Founder Institute, as well as during events such as the Startup Weekend Edu ou Hacking Health. She is currently training for a triathlon even though frankly, she can’t run for her life.